• Salemco for spinning of weaving

    factory is considered as one of the industrial castles in the production of fabric

  • Our Production

    30 tons of any type woven fabrics produced by air jet, water jet or repair looms

  • We produce

    all Kind of polyester yarn and all kind of polyester and cotton fabrics

Salem Co - Our Story

Salem.co stands tall as a leader in Egypt’s textile industry, boasting a comprehensive range of operations from fiber to fashion.
Their expertise encompasses the entire textile value chain, starting with the transformation of raw materials into yarn through spinning. Weaving then takes shape, bringing the yarn to life as fabric.
Salem.co doesn’t stop there; they add color and vibrancy through dyeing and printing, and intricate embellishments through embroidery.
The journey continues with the precise cutting and sewing of fabrics, meticulously crafted into garments. From the initial spin to the final stitch, Salem.co commitment to quality and innovation ensures they remain at the forefront of Egypt’s textile landscape.
Being fully integrated, fast and committed partner with a strategic location to ship to Europe, Middle East and USA in the least transit time

Why Salem Co

We have strong experience since decades in textile industry, we think we have some distinctive features we like


Free Trade agreements

10 fee trade agreements covering USA, south America, Europe, middle east, gulf countries and Africa


Shipment lead time

3-5 days to Europe, 12 days to USA 2 days to turkey or gulf countries


Vertical integration

Undertaking all production operation starting from yarn, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, cutting, sewing, embroidery, finishing and packing



Our strength is from being fully integrated which make us fast, production, controlled quality and competitive price

Our Production

We have six production stages every one equipped with machines with large capacity which can fulfill your needs


Production capacity 1000 ton /month


Production capacity 360 tons / month


Production capacity 2,800,000 meter/month


Production capacity 1000 tons/month

Printing & embroidery

AOP 1,200,000 meter/month Screen print 650,000 pcs/month Embroidery 390,000 pcs/month

Cutting and sewing

Production capacity 650,000 pcs /month For men, women and children knitted or woven garments


At Salemco Textile Factory, we take pride in using only the finest counts available. Our commitment to quality starts with the raw materials we source, and extends to every step of the production process. By utilizing the finest counts, we ensure that our finished products are luxurious feel, drape, and durability. This dedication to excellence has earned us a reputation for producing textiles that are both beautiful and long-lasting.


In the intricate world of textile manufacturing, the foundation of exceptional products lies in the very threads themselves. At Salemco, we believe that compromise on quality is no option. That’s why we meticulously source only the finest materials. These ingredients aren’t just chosen for their aesthetic appeal, but for their inherent properties like unparalleled softness, superior durability, or eco-friendly credentials.


Dive into a world of textile versatility with our vast selection of cotton open-end yarns. Each spool promises production consistency, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow. Experience optimal tensile strength for fabrics that stand the test of time, whether they grace luxurious garments or rugged industrial applications. Our yarns carry the weight of globally revered quality, a testament to meticulous crafting and rigorous standards. Unlock high output capacity, empowering you to meet even the most demanding production goals.
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