Cutting & sewing

We are fully intergrated company which give us the advantage to control the quality and delivery of our raw materials and control the price and be very competitive
Production capacity 650,000 pcs/month
Men production 40%
Women production 20%
Children production 40%
USA export 60%
Europe 30%
Other countries 10%

Our success stems from a unique advantage: vertical integration. We control every step of the process, from sourcing raw materials to delivering finished garments. This allows us to meticulously ensure quality at every stage, from the softness of the fibers to the vibrancy of the dyes. But the benefits extend beyond quality. By eliminating middlemen, we optimize costs and offer highly competitive prices, making our fashion accessible to a wider audience.

Our production line hums with activity, churning out 650,000 pieces monthly, catering to diverse styles with balanced focus on men’s (40%), women’s (20%), and children’s (40%) apparel. We cater to global markets, with a strong presence in the USA (60%) and Europe (30%), while exploring growth opportunities in other countries (10%).

Choose us and experience the difference. Unwavering quality, competitive prices, and a diverse range of styles – all delivered with exceptional efficiency. Let us be your partner in bringing your fashion vision to life.

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