Production capacity 1000 tones/ month
We have both woven and knitted dyeing lines
20 dyeing jets
Sanforizing machines
7 stanters
5 brushing
Compactors open and tube
Finishing  machines open and tube

With a robust production capacity of 1000 tons per month, our facility effortlessly handles high-volume demands for both woven and knitted textiles. We house a versatile arsenal of 20 dyeing jets capable of achieving an array of vibrant colors and intricate patterns. For dimensional stability, we utilize dedicated Sanforizing machines. Further refinement comes through our impressive lineup of 7 stenters, each meticulously tailoring the fabric’s width and length. Ensuring unparalleled softness and texture, we have 5 brushing machines at our disposal. Additionally, we offer both open-width and tubular fabric compaction with our dedicated compactors. Finally, our comprehensive finishing machines, equipped for both open-width and tubular fabrics, provide the final touches, guaranteeing your textiles possess the desired aesthetic and performance characteristics. From raw materials to the final product, our facility empowers us to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency at every stage.

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