Our commitment

The company is responsible for :

  • Establishing objectives at all relevant functions according to the company policy and review these objectives quarterly.
  • Use highly developed production methods as well as good materials and production supplies in order to guarantee the finished product quality and increasing efficiency.
  • Compiling with (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 international standards), Egyptian laws and governmental regulations.
  • Maintaining a continual improvement for the quality and environment management system.
  • Maintaining the best usage for supplies.
  • Preventing pollution.

Man power

  • Select the competent staff based on education and skills.
  • Proper training is to be applied to staff to increase their awareness of Quality & Environment management system, and to enhance their performance level and their productive efficiency.
  • Taking necessary precautions for industrial safety in order to ensure staff safety and prevent pollution.
  • Promoting staff in a way to develop their sense of loyalty to the company.


  • Choosing materials` suppliers and production requirements from the best companies to guarantee the finished product quality.
  • Publishing awareness among suppliers about the importance of quality, ,environment and how to apply an efficient management system, and to abide by the international standards.
  • This Policy published among all the company staff; each in the core of his responsibilities.
  • The Policy and objectives are to be reviewed annually in order to guarantee its efficiency.
  • Our most valuable asset is the people, who we will continue to strengthen and empower as they are responsible for the corporate operations at all levels.
  • Most importantly, we will be whole-heatedly dedicated to our customers, shareholders, business partners and the communities we serve, as we look to the future and will continue to build on the pillars that have helped us become so successful

Our certifications

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