Raw materials

We get best materials to ensure whole process quality


we can produce wide range of yarn count


Our production can be twisted from 200 to 3000 twist


winding all production


Packing all product in carton for local
market and on pallets for export

Our expertise encompasses the entire yarn creation process, ensuring consistent quality and control from raw material selection to final packaging. We source a diverse range of fibers, offering you the flexibility to choose the perfect material for your needs.

Our spinning capabilities are equally impressive, allowing us to produce a wide range of yarn counts, perfect for weaving, knitting, or industrial applications. We go beyond just the yarn, too. Our twisting expertise lets us customize the twist level from a delicate 200 to a strong 3000, ensuring optimal performance and feel for your specific needs.

Furthermore, we handle the entire winding process in-house, guaranteeing consistent quality and efficiency. Whether you require yarn cones for knitting or weaving, we ensure seamless delivery.

Finally, we offer flexible packaging options to cater to your needs. For local markets, we pack finished yarn securely in cartons, while for export, we use sturdy pallets to ensure safe and damage-free transportation.

Partner with us and experience the benefits of a fully integrated yarn manufacturing process. We offer unmatched control, versatility, and quality, all delivered with efficiency and reliability. Let us be your trusted partner in spinning your yarn dreams into reality.

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