Salemco is committed to using the latest technologies in spinning. The quality of the production is at the level that could be reached by less than 5% of the world spinning mills according to USTER statistics.

Highest technologies are adopted to ensure the quality that we seek. For example:

  • The automatic plucking of cotton bales ensures there are no curls or damage in the final product and also guarantees that the tufts of fiber are as small as possible.
  • The tension control during the winding operation controls the fuzziness and hairiness of the fiber. The automatic tension control reduces the chances of damaged fibers.
  • The suction systems at all production stages keeps the machinery system clean and dust free.
  • Systems are integrated to give the best performance and the highest quality.
  • The spinning solutions are from Marzoli Italy and Rieter Switzerland. The automatic cone winders are from Muratec Japan, twisting machines from Volkmann, assembly winder from SSM Switzerland and the Air conditioning systems from LTG Air Engineering.

We aim at the latest technologies that meet our customer requirement for high end quality cotton yarns.

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