Printing & dyeing

AOP capacity 1,200,000 meter/month Screen print 650,000 pcs/month Embroidery 390,000 pcs/month We have the most advanced M&R printing machine for screen printing up to 20 colors and for the rotary printing up to 24 colors and unlimited colors capability by the digital printing machines
Immerse yourself in a world of color and customization with our comprehensive printing and dyeing services. We offer unmatched capacity and cutting-edge technology to fuel your creative vision. Unleash breathtaking All-Over Prints on a massive scale, up to 1.2 million meters per month, perfect for bold designs across vast quantities of fabric. Seek precision and detail with screen printing capable of 650,000 pieces monthly, featuring sharp visuals in up to 20 vibrant colors. Add a touch of personalized elegance with our 390,000 piece-per-month embroidery capacity, ideal for intricate logos and unique touches. But the true innovation lies in our machinery. Experience unmatched color fidelity with our M&R printing machines, boasting 20 color options for screen printing and 24 for rotary. And if your imagination knows no bounds, explore the limitless color palette of our digital printing technology, where anything is possible. Partner with us, and let’s turn your textile dreams into vibrant reality.
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